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    Home > Products > Intelligent Material Management > Unattended Intelligent Weighing System for Truck Scale
    Unattended Intelligent Weighing System for Truck ScaleOnline Inquiry
    Product Description:
        The intelligent weighing system of unattended truck scale is not only a partner for enterprises to realize measurement informationization, but also a means to improve measurement efficiency, plug the loopholes such as artificial errors and cheating in measurement, and reduce enterprise management costs and resource wastage. Unattended intelligent weighing refers to the whole weighing process of truck scale which can be completed quickly, accurately, safely, stably and reliably without any interference. The staff can monitor, query, count, print and settle the measurement data remotely. Intelligent weighing of unattended truck scale is the integration of modern IT technology (information technology) into measurement management, which sublimates traditional weighing of truck scale to intelligent weighing, improves the level of measurement informatization, completely closes the loopholes and unsafe hidden dangers in measurement, improves measurement efficiency, and strengthens remote network supervision of measurement data by superior departments. The intelligent weighing system of unattended truck scale is a new management system which intellectualizes the traditional manual weighing mode. The system handles and judges all the situations appearing in the process of conventional manual weighing by means of meticulous logical relations and data algorithm, and automatically executes (without manual operation). The system can realize the automatic process of networked weighing of multiple truck scales. The same car can pass weight and gross weight in different weighing scales, and the weighing data can be updated in real time, which effectively improves the utilization rate of the weighing scale. The system can automatically generate EXCEL tables from metering data according to needs, and automatically transmit them to the computer of designated departments through the network.
  • Product Architecture
  • Func and Applications
  • ◆ Intelligent weighing system of unattended truck scale: industrial control host, unattended intelligent weighing system software.
    ◆ ​​​​​​​Long-distance Microwave Automatic Identification Subsystem (UHF RFID): Microwave Reader, Microwave Antenna, Electronic License Plate, Radio Frequency Cable, Identification Software.
    ◆​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​Three point image real-time capture subsystems (front, carriage, rear): camera, video capture card, image capture software.
    ◆​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​Automatic voice command and control subsystem: speaker, power amplifier, voice control software.
    ◆​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​Metrology security (anti-cheating) subsystem: infrared detector, intelligent controller, alarm processing module of oversize leather weight.
    ◆​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​Remote control (maintenance) system: remote control (maintenance) software.
    ◆​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​Automatic stop system: automatic gate, vehicle detector, ground inductance coil (optional).
    ◆​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​Vehicle driving indicator system: traffic lights.
    ◆  Unattended Intelligent Weighing System of Truck Scale:The system is an intelligent weighing system which integrates automatic recognition of vehicle information, automatic voice command, instant grabbing of weighing image, traffic lights and gates control, large screen display, remote monitoring and so on. In the whole process of weighing, there is no need for manual operation and intervention, so that the measurement data can be collected automatically and reliably, distinguished automatically, directed automatically, processed automatically and controlled automatically, which can minimize the drawbacks and work intensity caused by manual operation, improve the degree of information and automation of the system, and make the weighing process unattended.
    ◆  Two-way over-balanced intelligent weighing:To meet the requirements of two-way weighing, two-way intelligent weighing of unattended truck scale can be realized.
    ◆  Long-distance microwave automatic identification subsystem:The recognition distance is more than 8 meters. It can automatically identify the license plate number, vehicle type, owner, transport unit, cargo name, historical blacklist record and other information of the over-balanced vehicles, and judge the legitimacy of the over-balanced vehicles. If the authorized legal vehicle is weighed smoothly, if the illegal vehicle is not allowed to weigh excessively.
    ◆  Three point image real-time capture subsystems (front, carriage and rear):The system integrates the image and weighing software. The image is embedded in the software interface. It can record the three instant pictures of the head, tail and carriage of the weighing vehicle while weighing the gross weight of the vehicle. The instant pictures of the previous weighing vehicle are displayed in the software interface when weighing the second time. On the one hand, the image is used as a contrast to see whether the weighing vehicle is consistent or not; on the other hand, it can be used as a reference. Record the status of historical metrology, which can be inquired by metrology management department or other management department. For the temporary over-balanced vehicles, it is more meaningful. On the one hand, it records the real-time status of each weighing. If there is a problem, it can be tracked as a blacklist next time. On the other hand, it also plays a deterrent effect, which makes the temporary vehicles with cheating ideas fear in front of the capture. The system also retains the overbalance video of each vehicle.
    ◆  Automatic voice command and control subsystem:The whole weighing process is automatically controlled by voice system, and the whole weighing process is completed in 6 seconds. The whole weighing process is exempted from manual intervention and completed by automatic control of voice system.
      Measuring Safety (Anti-cheating) Subsystem:It can automatically judge and identify the cheating situations such as incomplete weighing and weighing, and inform the driver through voice system. It has the function of automatic alarm of overload. Users can set the allowable deviation value, such as 100Kg. When the weight exceeds 100Kg, the system will alarm immediately, and the vehicle will not be allowed to weigh. The system can effectively prevent cheating by setting up the alarm function of oversize leather weight and infrared detection system.
    ◆  Remote Control (Maintenance) System:The system has the function of remote control (maintenance). Back-end management computer only needs to be able to connect with the pound room computer. If not, a telephone line can be used to dial the pound room telephone directly (connected to the computer MODEM). With this function, managers and maintainers can make remote control and maintenance by dialing symmetrically heavy computers anywhere without going to the pound room, thus greatly improving work efficiency.
    ◆  Voice automatic command and control system:The whole weighing process is automatically controlled by voice system, and the whole weighing process is completed in 10 seconds. The whole weighing process is exempted from manual intervention and completed by automatic control of voice system.
    ◆  The system can be automatically and manually switched:It can realize the switch of double functions of automatic measurement statistics and manual operation for the weightless personnel of electronic weighing scale after the driver swipes the card.
    ◆  Multi-type and personalized reports:The weighing software can query data according to different conditions.
    ◆  Monitoring image capture system:In the interface of weighing system of each weighing computer, we embedded the real-time monitoring system directly. There are three cameras in the measuring point, that is, there are three monitoring windows in the interface of weighing system of each computer (respectively displaying the head, tail and unloading point of weighing vehicle);
    ◆  Diversified Query System:The weighing software can query data according to different conditions.
    ◆  Multiple truck scales can be weighed online:This system can realize the weighing of multiple truck scales by network. The same truck can pass the weight of skin and gross respectively in different truck scales. The weighing data can be updated in real time, which effectively improves the utilization rate of truck scales.
    ◆  System lightning protection:The system has anti-jamming and anti-second lightning strike function, and can also realize dynamic and static weighing and automatic and manual switching system.
    ◆  System Security:Strict hierarchical user privilege settings, system logs to save the historical operation records of each operator, the system runs safely and reliably.
    ◆  Network security:TCP/IP communication protocol is adopted in network transmission protocol to ensure data security.
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