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    Face and Body Recognition SystemOnline Inquiry
    Product Description:
        The system is a safety management system which can strengthen the control of entrance and exit through biometric identification, combined with access control or gate. The system has a self-learning algorithm, which can synthetically learn the same facial features under different time, action and illumination conditions, thus forming a "three-dimensional face" with a comprehensive understanding of the person.
  • Product Feature
  • Func and Applications
  •     Our company has developed a face recognition technology with independent intellectual property rights, exclusive use of full dynamic recognition technology, as well as a three-dimensional face algorithm with self-learning function. Compared with the existing traditional face recognition technology, it has the characteristics of high capture rate, high recognition accuracy, large number of base libraries and no maintenance.
    Technical Parameter
        Our self-developed Face Recognition System can be adapted to all kinds of gate guards or gates to meet the safety management of customers'access control. Its system platform is as follows:
    Our company's face recognition management system has the following technical advantages:
    Stereo Face Technology
       Our unique face recognition algorithm with learning ability is based on a brand new dynamic recognition model. It can synthetically learn the same facial features under different time, action and illumination conditions, thus forming a "three-dimensional face" with a comprehensive understanding of the person. In practical application scenarios, the recognition accuracy is more than 99%.
    Multi-Precision Model Algorithms
        Traditional algorithms are usually based on a single recognition model for face recognition. The accuracy is poor. In our company, we innovatively adopt a multi-precision model to deal with the faces in different states separately, and ultimately make decision by artificial intelligence algorithm to select the best result.
        The adoption of multi-precision model algorithm greatly improves the accuracy of face recognition in real environment, which can meet the needs of face recognition in various complex scenes.
    Face Acquisition and Recognition in Natural Status
       Unlike many first-generation face recognition systems, we can use long-focal-length surveillance cameras to recognize people without knowing them. Moreover, our exclusive evolutionary algorithm can adapt to many complex situations such as illumination, human motion, expression, occlusion and so on in the natural state, so that the face recognition rate in the natural state can reach and surpass many static recognition technologies.
    Not disturbed by facial occlusion, changes and ornaments
       Our evolutionary algorithm can automatically learn common situations such as facial occlusion or wearing sunglasses, so changes in facial, light, ornaments and so on can be solved through systematic self-learning.
    Recognition as you walk through
       In the application of gates, the recognition distance can be extended from 0.6-1 m in traditional technology to 1-4 m in unprecedented history through customized dedicated cameras. Authorized users can complete the identification within 4 meters and control the gate to open. No longer need to look at the screen instructions, as long as the normal passage can complete the switch-on.
    High-speed Through Gate
       The recognition speed is less than 1 second. The average switching-on time per person is reduced from 2-5 seconds of traditional technology to 1-2 seconds, which is increased by more than one fold.
    Fully offline to ensure information security
       Many traditional face recognition systems need to be networked or partially networked to work. Our algorithm can work completely offline and support the deployment of private clouds.
    Support Multiple Authentication
       Support multiple authentication methods such as face + card, compatible with the original access control and card swiping system.
    Universal Adaptation Technology
       It can be adapted to all kinds of RFID cards, access control controllers and video acquisition equipment without repetitive construction of the existing access control and monitoring network.
    Message Function
       For example, configuring the front-end facial recognition device, the software client can leave messages for specific groups of people, such as birthday wishes, meeting notices, express notices, etc. The maximum length of messages is not more than 20 words, while short-term messages need to set the start and end time, and messages will be displayed in a set time period.
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