• LIBS Laser probe
  • LIBS Laser Probe Coal Quality Online Analysis System
  • LIBS Laser Probe Desktop Component Analysis Instrument
  • Portable LIBS Laser Probe Component Analysis Instrument
  • LIBS Soil Heavy Metal Component Analysis Instrument
  • Material Cleaning and Transporta
  • Surfacing clad steel plate
  • High Chromium Alloy Wear Resistant Composite Steel Plate
  • Wear-resistant ceramic liner
  • KFA01 Single-side Sandwich Belt Drainage Device
  • Micron-scale Dry Fog Dust Suppression System
  • Aerosol dedusting system
  • Unpowered dust removal Chute Wall
  • 3-DEM Electric Y Pipe I
  • 3-DEM Electric Y Pipe II
  • 3-DEM Material Diversion Device
  • 3-DEM Material Diversion Device
  • KEA02:Primary Belt Cleaner with Pressure Spring
  • KEA01:Primary Belt Cleaner with Torsional Spring
  • KEB01:Secondary Belt Cleaner
  • KEB02:Secondary Belt Cleaner with Double Blades
  • KEC01:No-load Belt Reversing Cleaner
  • C2:Secondary Belt Cleaner with carbide blade
  • C4:Secondary Belt Cleaner with Carbide Blade
  • KBA01 Deslagging Pulley
  • KJA01:One-way Up Alignment Idler
  • KJA02:Reversing Up Alignment Idler
  • KJB01:Down Alignment Idler with single Roller
  • KJB02:Down Alignment Idler with double Roller
  • KJB03:V –TYPE Down Alignment Idler with Double Roller
  • KJE01:Self-Aligning Up Alignment Idler
  • KHD01:Hanging Impact Cradle
  • KHA03:Buffer Idler Impact Cradle
  • KHC01:Angle-variable Heavy-Duty Impact Cradle
  • KHA01: Heavy-duty Impact Cradle
  • KHE01:Anti-Tearing Impact Cradle
  • 3-DEM Curve Chute
  • KFA01 Double-side Sandwich Belt Drainage Device
  • Micro-water Conveyor Belt Cleaning Box
  • Material Storage
  • Unmanned Operating System of Bucket Wheel machine
  • Digital Coal Yard
  • Silo Inert Protection System
  • Safety Monitoring System of Closed Coal Yard
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    Wheeled Inspection RobotOnline Inquiry
    Product Description:
        Wheeled inspection robot can assist people to complete the inspection work in important places and bad places. At the same time, it can combine the fixed monitoring and environmental data collection and analysis to form a complete security monitoring system. It can realize dynamic inspection, no dead angle monitoring and abnormal early warning, effectively avoid the disadvantages of manual inspection, and meet the safety protection requirements of indoor and outdoor places.
  • Product Feature
  • Func and Applications





    ◆ Autonomous Intelligent Patrol Inspection
  • Real-time positioning and information feedback
  • Construct patrol route and optimize navigation independently according to different scenarios
  • Intelligent recognition and autonomous avoidance of obstacles in the surrounding area
  • Automatic inspection, backstage remote support, PC/manual control
  • Real-time video surveillance and return, supporting simultaneous access by multiple people
  • Supporting Video Surveillance Storage and playback, real-time viewing of the scene
  •  Dynamic Face Recognition
        Intelligent inspection robot compares real-time structured and historically structured personnel in key monitoring areas. By extracting features of human face, density and behavior, it can automatically distinguish illegal personnel. Through efficient comparison and collision, it can dynamically refresh, reorganize and hierarchically classify information, and the recognition rate can reach 90%.
    ◆ Intelligent Fire Warning
        Through the comprehensive application of infrared temperature detection and artificial intelligence, the unstable factors that may cause fire can be found in advance in automatic patrol inspection, and the personnel can be immediately notified by the background alarm function to deal with, which can play the role of fire early warning and prevent further expansion of fire.
    ◆ Real-time Monitoring of Data
        It carries a variety of sensors, collates and analyses the data of various sensors through the way of computer vision image analysis, real-time monitoring and data management through the back-end monitoring and management platform.
    ◆ Accurate Positioning of Personnel
        The robot with UHF reader reads and writes the data of the personnel tag wearing the active positioning tag during the inspection process, carries on the position calibration to the active positioning tag, gives a position information, displays the location information of the employees in the factory area through the real-time map of the robot inspection, and ensures the accuracy of the personnel safety management positioning.
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