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  • Wear-resistant ceramic liner
  • KFA01 Single-side Sandwich Belt Drainage Device
  • Micron-scale Dry Fog Dust Suppression System
  • Aerosol dedusting system
  • Unpowered dust removal Chute Wall
  • 3-DEM Electric Y Pipe I
  • 3-DEM Electric Y Pipe II
  • 3-DEM Material Diversion Device
  • 3-DEM Material Diversion Device
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  • KEB01:Secondary Belt Cleaner
  • KEB02:Secondary Belt Cleaner with Double Blades
  • KEC01:No-load Belt Reversing Cleaner
  • C2:Secondary Belt Cleaner with carbide blade
  • C4:Secondary Belt Cleaner with Carbide Blade
  • KBA01 Deslagging Pulley
  • KJA01:One-way Up Alignment Idler
  • KJA02:Reversing Up Alignment Idler
  • KJB01:Down Alignment Idler with single Roller
  • KJB02:Down Alignment Idler with double Roller
  • KJB03:V –TYPE Down Alignment Idler with Double Roller
  • KJE01:Self-Aligning Up Alignment Idler
  • KHD01:Hanging Impact Cradle
  • KHA03:Buffer Idler Impact Cradle
  • KHC01:Angle-variable Heavy-Duty Impact Cradle
  • KHA01: Heavy-duty Impact Cradle
  • KHE01:Anti-Tearing Impact Cradle
  • 3-DEM Curve Chute
  • KFA01 Double-side Sandwich Belt Drainage Device
  • Micro-water Conveyor Belt Cleaning Box
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    Hubei Xisaishan Power Generation Co., Ltd.
    author:none pubdate:2019-02-14 views:360
    Rehabilitation projects:
    Coal Pipe Diversion Tank of Side A and B of Phase I Coal Transportation System
    Revamping units:
    Hubei Kairui Zhixing Technology Co., Ltd.
    Contrast before and after project implementation:
    Dumper room::#1、#2Double Belt Conveyor to #1A and B Belt Conveyor

    Before and after the renovation, the site environment has been significantly improved.
    # 1 Transfer Station: 1A/B Belt Conveyor to 2A/B/ 8B Belt Conveyor
    # Head of 1A/B belt conveyor (#1 transfer station, 2nd floor, big block removal equipment)

    Explanation before modification: Because of sealing and structural reasons, the dust on the site is larger than that of the original protective shield except for bulk equipment.
    Retrofit scheme: except for large block equipment, the pressurized spray system is fully sealed. After the transformation, the dust on the site is small, which has received unanimous praise from the field operators.
    # Head of 8B Belt Conveyor (#1 Transfer Station Ground Level #2 Expansion Head)

    Before revamping, it was explained that #1 original equipment had no three-way structure, i.e.
    Revamping plan: add three links, and carry out targeted transformation of expansion head. After operation, the operation is more convenient, the dust concentration is effectively reduced after retrofitting the telescopic head, and the environment of the transfer station is up to the standard.
    # Transfer Station: #2A/B Belt Conveyor to #3A/B/8A Belt Conveyor

    Explanation before transformation: The original falling coal pipe is ordinary falling coal pipe, and it is easy to hang material in four corners to block coal.
    Revamping scheme: Curved coal falling pipe, U-shaped surface design, good operation, no material plugging

    Explanation before renovation: ordinary guide groove + high power horizontal pulse dust collector
    Revamping scheme: no power dust suppression unit + buffer pressure relief box, the effect is better than that of dust collector.

    Explanation before modification: The original material guide tank equipment is obsolete, the equipment vibrates greatly, the seal is poor, the coal leakage and powder injection are serious, and the site environment is poor.
    Revamping scheme: Double sealed material guide groove, good sealing, no pulverized coal injection and leakage. The equipment runs smoothly and the environment has been greatly improved.
    In the first phase of coal conveying system transformation project of Hubei Xisaishan Power Generation Co., Ltd., our company has strictly completed the pre-plan design, equipment production, supply, installation and commissioning in accordance with the contract agreement, quality and quantity. After the transformation, the environment of coal conveying production site has been greatly improved, which has been unanimously praised by the owners.

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